What We Do, How We Work

Reeves Recruiting™ is a ‘boutique recruitment solutions firm’. Learn what that means exactly, how we work with clients like you, and how our core beliefs align with your own.

We recognize that the recruitment landscape is constantly changing. Everything from workforce supply and demand, candidate behavior, recruitment technology and everything in between appears to be in a constant state of change. That has both advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to finding, attracting, engaging, qualifying, selecting, hiring, and retaining industry professionals our primary goal is to help you develop a competitive edge. To do that we know we have to stay ahead of those changes most likely to affect you (and our working together) while providing consistency and predictable outcomes.

And while we are always attentive to the needs of our employer-clients we are ever -mindful that one of our strongest sources of advantage is our candidate-centric orientation. As we always emphasize when we introduce ourselves:

“We believe that by focusing on the needs of job seekers first we better serve the employers we partner with.”

Thank you for choosing Reeves Recruiting as your recruitment solutions partner.

Founder and Chief Recruiting Officer