Clinical Diagnostics News: First integrated LC-MS system announced

Clinical Diagnostics News: First integrated LC-MS system announced

Clinical Diagnostics News: First integrated LC-MS system announced

Some interesting news from SCIEX Diagnostics, the in vitro diagnostics division of AB SCIEX, LLC. If the name 'SCIEX' sounds familiar it could be because many consider the Framingham, Massachusetts-based employer as a global leader for mass spectrometry in the life sciences industry.

As widely reported in leading biopharma and biotech industry publications like Biospace and BioPortfolio, SCIEX Diagnostics recently announced the roll-out of what they claim to be the first fully integrated LC-MS system for clinical diagnostics—the SCIEX Topaz System.

A recent press release from SCIEX states:

The Topaz System offers the ultimate in flexibility with both an open system for lab-developed tests and a closed system for running locked, pre-validated assays. In addition, a turnkey, FDA-cleared Vitamin D solution is available for immediate implementation, so lab staff can be up and running quickly. The Topaz System enables clinical labs to rapidly expand their testing services and bring previously outsourced tests in-house, realizing cost savings along with gold-standard accuracy, in less time, with less complexity - all for the benefit of delivering quality patient care.

Dr. Jim Ritchie who is a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine added:

The Topaz System from SCIEX Diagnostics is the LC-MS that mid-sized clinical labs have been waiting for. I believe this system is approaching a stage of automation close to that of a chemistry analyzer, in many ways. It was easy to train Med-Techs on and easy to learn to operate, adopt, and sustain in our clinical lab.

SCIEX Diagnostics may have some strong competition from other global titans like Thermo Fisher, Agilent Technologies, and Perkin Elmer. As highlighted in the Clinical Mass Spectrometry Market 2017: Industry Trends and Analysis Report published by there are a number of companies by who are working on similar new products for LC-MS and GC-MS market worldwide. If you have some extra cash to shell out (around $5000) the report also contains interesting trends for the clinical diagnostic, and clinical research fields across multiple areas of interest: sales, marketing, industry/global indices and data, and more.

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