Frequently Asked Questions

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Employer Directory

Our Biopharma, Biotech, and Medical Device Employer Directory is a searchable database of biopharma, biotech, medical device, and related employers. Entries are posted and maintained by our editorial staff or created/claimed by the employer themselves.

What are Featured Listings?

Employer Directory Featured Listing

Our Featured Listings are identified with this icon (on the listings page) and appear at the top of each category and/or search result. Featured Listings showcase companies included in our Biopharma, Biotech, and Medical Device Employer Directory who have either been selected by our editors or have underwritten their premium placement.

RSS (Subscribing to a web page)

RSS describes a page format that can be used to deliver news and information from a site or web page when any of those pages get updated. You will find that we use and provide many useful feeds, especially on our Career Resources, and News, Feeds and Subscriptions pages. has an excellent one-page primer.

Problems viewing RSS feeds using Google Chrome

Chrome does not support native RSS feeds. That is why when you view a feed in Chrome it looks like a page of code. The solution is to either use a Chrome extension or find a news reader designed for the task. You might also try subscribing to feeds using another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.

How do I use the site's search tools?

Information on the site is grouped in three broad categories:

  • Careers: News, opinion, opportunities, and resources;
  • Employers: Job search, employer profiles, and more;
  • Knowldedge: References, directories, industry and employment news.

At the bottom each page you will find an 'Advanced Search' tab with three options:

Use these search tools to freely access our databases.

What do I need to know about how you use "Google?"

We use Google's Engine (CSE) to source and organize the most relevant information for your research or job hunt. For example: